Smart Cities

Our Smart Cities Solutions Are Shaping the Future

Gadgets and platforms may come and go, so we focus on practical solutions that allow a city to build its future on its own terms. We use new technologies and best practices to serve the communities we live in—that’s the Parsons approach to smart cities.

As a technology-driven firm, we use our knowledge of existing infrastructure design, construction, systems, and security (cyber and physical) to keep cities and people connected. As a systems integrator and proven implementation partner, we offer a unique perspective to every project. We’re leaders in the industry and collaborate with global partners to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Creative Answers to Complex Challenges

Each new building block—be it a hyperloop, data platform, or drone delivery service—adds a new level of complexity and security protocols to consider.  We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate new and evolving technologies with systems that have been in place since the last century, allowing us to develop practical, fundable, and buildable innovations made for the future.

We have a long history of innovation, and we’re committed to providing our clients with systems and technology solutions that support and enhance their customers’ experiences.

Connecting People Through Technology

Smart cities operate efficiently because of the myriad connections they enable: vehicles with other vehicles (connected vehicles); control centers with decision makers; and, most of all, people with their jobs, their families, and their lives. These connections make a city smarter, and they make a city more human. As smart cities progress from science fiction to reality, your city needs a firm that puts people first. A firm like Parsons.

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