An Innovative Approach to Securing Critical Infrastructure

The U.S. military and the intelligence agencies managing the country’s most sensitive information rely on us for cyber and physical security. Our solutions range from the most sophisticated cybersecurity protocols to the latest networked physical surveillance systems, employing some of the world’s most advanced technology. We provide our unparalleled security expertise to our customers across commercial and government markets as the world’s only one-source integrator of planning, engineering, architectural, construction management, and converged cyber-physical security services.

Cyber threats to organizations around the world have expanded beyond the information technology (IT) realm, and data is no longer a hacker’s only target. Connected industrial controls within the operational technology (OT) environment, known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is the new target. Hackers now pose a risk to physical infrastructure, such as power grids and water supply, potentially disrupting services and threatening the lives of those who depend on them. To defend physical infrastructure from cyber threats, we’re leading the way with a systems engineering approach to converged cyber-physical security.

ParSecure, our portfolio of managed security services, is based on a single principle—that security must be designed into the OT environment from the ground up. Bolt-on cybersecurity software, the solution within the IT environment, is just one part of protecting the larger OT environment. The resilience of connected industrial controls, such as smart HVAC systems or WiFi-enabled meters, can only be achieved by designing converged cyber-physical security into the fabric of systems across the OT environment.

There is one question every critical infrastructure owner and operator should ask a security provider: Have you ever designed and built a facility’s operational technology environment?

We’ve been doing just that for more than half a century, and now our customers are reaping the benefits.

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