Smart Infrastructure

Leading the Industry by Example

We’ve been known for our unparalleled expertise in designing and building commercial and government infrastructure for more than 70 years. Throughout that time, we’ve stayed on top by pushing the cutting edge of the industry, which has resulted in our converged cyber-physical infrastructure protection capabilities. Today, we not only design and build the world’s most complex critical infrastructure facilities, we protect their operational technology (OT) environments.

Inventive Infrastructure Protection

Faced with security threats that are growing more sophisticated every day, our customers’ infrastructure lifecycle management requirements are rapidly evolving. Technologies that provide the necessities of daily life—power, water, clean air, and more—are getting smarter, but with these benefits come new cyber and physical threats targeting the connected OT/industrial control system environment. In a world that’s becoming increasingly connected, we’ve transformed how infrastructure facility owners and operators achieve their missions and manage risk by designing security into our solutions from the ground up.

We take a systems engineering approach to protecting infrastructure assets to optimize resilience. The connected machine environment demands that converged cyber-physical security be designed into complex infrastructure assets—the same assets we’ve earned our reputation designing and building.

By integrating Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies into our customers’ OT environments, we offer the benefits of connected operations while providing unmatched security.

Scalable, Customer-Focused Solutions

Our infrastructure customers throughout the world attest to the success of our unique model of integrating technology-based solutions in a scalable approach. Our solutions include the following:

Planning and assessment. Our disciplined approach to assessments, planning, and risk management supports our customers’ missions throughout the lifecycles of their facilities.

Building information modeling. As a pioneer in the use of 3D/4D/5D modeling and advanced CAD design, we integrate predictive risk planning before construction begins. 

Converged cyber-physical security. ParSecure, our scalable infrastructure protection service, enables us to design a unique cyber-physical security solution for each customer’s facility and threat environment.

Our mission is to design, construct, and secure the critical infrastructure that protects nations and sustains people.

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