The Best Defense Is Technological Supremacy

With the dynamic state of global relations and ever-evolving threats around the world, our U.S. government customers depend on us to optimize the countless technology platforms that keep people safe. Our culture of innovation fuels superior warfighters on land, at sea, in the air, in space, and in cyberspace. We lend our engineering expertise to some of the most vital, technologically advanced military programs in history. When the Cold War demanded that America bolster its arsenal with a new intercontinental missile system, we helped plan, design, and build the country’s first underground missile silos. Fast forward 70 years, and today Parsons remains a trusted provider of engineering services, logistics support, and advanced technologies ranging from missile defense system integration to military facility modernization projects around the globe.

Innovating for a Safer World

Our team of engineers and operational support experts defends our nation by working to advance technology every day. Our engineers have designed a system that uses lasers to destroy improvised explosive devices (IEDs). We provide the modeling and simulation technologies necessary to ensure that America’s complex missile defense systems are fully integrated. We cyber-secure the command and control systems deployed with military personnel, and our converged cyber-physical security solutions protect the military’s infrastructure and operations at home and abroad.

Force-Multiplying, Mission-Critical Technologies

We’re proud of our legacy of serving U.S. and international defense and security customers ranging from the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to Air Force Space Command, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and beyond. Our services include the following:

Warfighter training. Our live, virtual, constructive, and gaming (LVC&G) training and weapons test range design and management give the warfighter the edge before the battles begin.

Cybersecurity. From the Pentagon to overseas battlefields, our defense customers rely on our proven expertise in everything from risk assessment to attack detection and recovery to protect both armed and civilian forces.

Engineering, advisory, and technical services. Whether assisting military satellite customers or providing model-based system engineering services that integrate the network of systems across the modern missile defense platform, we offer an unmatched range of engineering, advisory, and technical services.

Military munitions response. From planning and executing large-scale munitions removal programs to precisely mitigating IED threats, we secure battlefields around the globe.

As threats evolve, one thing remains constant—our commitment to stay a step ahead of those who threaten the security of our nation and our allies and to equip those who protect us with technological superiority.

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