Early Talent Program

Our interns work across sectors and office sites, on all types of projects from Earth to cyberspace, gaining firsthand experience and access to world-class mentorship. As a Parsons intern, you aren’t just here to learn the ropes—we’re confident that you have the talent and resourcefulness to significantly contribute to our quest to deliver a better world.

Goals Of The Program 

At Parsons, our goal for our intern program is to provide a valuable experience that is personal, educational, and intentional. We are committed to treating our interns like regular, full-time employees in the sense that we allow you to get involved in meaningful work. 

Our agile culture allows Parsons to get our interns working directly and hands-on with the various projects for our customers. Many of our teams also allow opportunities for you to get involved with other facets of the company as well. We want to expose our interns to all that Parsons has to offer in any way that we can. This could include sitting in on meetings, joining a committee, or collaborating with other teams/projects that fit your other various interests. 

We strive to integrate mentorships, career development webinars, and social events to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time with us and being given opportunities to grow your network with your fellow interns and other employees within Parsons. Parsons’ initiative is to deliver a better world, and in doing that, we must invest in the future, which is YOU. Let us help you jump-start your career.

Testimonials/Success Stories


“I cannot recommend Parsons enough to a college student. Everyone I have interacted with is so focused on my development and interests, making sure that any and all resources I could possibly need to be successful are available to me. Parsons understands that a happy employee is the most productive and valuable asset to the company.” Kelsie G.


“This internship has set the standard for my future endeavors. Parsons has provided me with an unmatched experience to learn as much as possible. My mentors have done a tremendous job challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges. Any considerations for my future career and development would have to match my experience from this internship.” Hitesh G.


Upcoming Events

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2021 Interns By The Numbers



Our core values define us as a corporation—and as individuals. By applying these principles, we consistently provide value to our customers and meet our goals.


We’re firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in all our offices and on each of our projects.



We’re committed to providing high-quality services and products. We meet mutually agreed-to requirements the first time and strive to continuously improve our work processes



Through inventive processes and unique solutions, we provide unmatched value to our customers. We foster creative work environments and always challenge ourselves to improve our processes and procedures



We uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace and provide an ethical work environment for all our employees. We do the right thing each time we face a tough decision.



We pursue diversity in our workforce, our business units, and our services because we recognize that optimum solutions require different backgrounds, new perspectives, and open minds.



In all that we do, we’re conscious of the impact that our work has on the environment. We help our customers by providing clean, efficient, healthy, and effective solutions for all our projects.


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