Sustainability is one of our core values. Backed by empowered teams, we implement best practices in corporate operations and solutions to address environmental risk and minimize our carbon footprint.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We commit to reduce absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2025 from a 2019 baseline. The science-based target helps us to reduce our impact on our planet and aligns with a 2◦C scenario.

2020 Absolute GHG Emissions Breakdown (MT CO2e)

Normalized GHG Emissions
(MT CO2e/$M Revenue)


We partner with property owners in our leased office spaces to implement energy-saving lighting and HVAC system retrofits. Our flexible work options allow employees to work from home offices on a part-time or full-time basis instead of commuting to an office, reducing the need for office space and associated energy and emissions. Our energy comes from a variety of sources dependent on location.

Facilities Energy Consumption (mmBTU)

Water Consumption (1,000 Gallons)


We work with property owners to adopt water-conservation measures whenever possible to reduce impacts of our leased office facilities. Water consumption metrics represent consumption at our Centerville, VA headquarters. More information can be found in our GRI Disclosures.

Waste Diversion

While our office recycling programs vary by location, we have corporate programs for recycling waste paper and office electronics in a safe and secure manner.

Guiding Principles

We know that successful environmental performance must be grounded in effective policies and procedures. We continuously review and update our policies, procedures, training, and solutions to reflect best practices in the industry.

sustainability policy icon

Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability policy, which applies to Parsons Corporation and all our businesses and subsidiaries worldwide as well as our suppliers/vendors per our Code of Conduct, affirms our commitment to sustainability and the mitigation of climate change impacts in our client solutions and in our internal operations.

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sustainable procurement

Sustainable Procurement

We conduct procurement in an open and competitive manner, using fair and ethical business practices to ensure sustainable procurement, vendor management, and purchasing to enhance our supply chain. We capture environmental reporting governance and services information from our suppliers/vendors as they are added to our system.

sustainability handbook

Sustainability Handbook

Our Sustainability Handbook outlines procedures and processes for sustainability stewardship, describes our corporate culture of sustainability, identifies best practices, and provides guidance for internal and client sustainable solutions.

sustainability working group

Sustainability Working Group

Since 2009, the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) has been the focal point for enterprise-wide collaboration to foster sustainability; expand market capacity; and conduct regular evaluations of our sustainability policies, processes, tools, and technology.

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